"Every story I create, creates me. I write to create myself" - Octavia E. Butler

Hello world, Thank you for checking out our website. I already know that 9/10 you didn’t actually mean to click the about me page, I mean who reads those things really. In the weird obscure scenario that you do actually want to know more about the editors of the website I guess we better put info here anyways.

Ok so if your just weird and want to know more about some random anon that runs maybe your favorite tech news site I guess here I go. My name is Deadshot I have been working on computers ever since I was a little kid maybe 5-6 years old. When I was little I first started with taking them apart and putting them together. It was easy for me to wreck tons of machines when I was little because my dad owned a computer shop. As I got older I gradually gravitated away from computers and the tech industry in general because I was to busy focusing on other stuff I was more interested in at the time. However over the past couple years with the help of a friend, I've had since forever, I'm realizing just how much I miss it. I try and post only the most important and good news articles I see to this site but I read tons of them throughout the day. I also try and make my post simple so that people just entering the tech and cyber security field can understand them however if there is a demand for more advanced content I will oblige. That's about it for me. I can't believe you are actually reading this I guess my life is pretty interesting after all. Now on to my friend.

Hello I haven't properly introduced myself yet my name is Bloodsplatter16, yes this is not my real name but who gives out their real name freely on the internet. I have been working with and around computers for about 10 years now, yea I know that's not a lot of time for some of our older members but I feel that I have learned a lot of interesting things that I would like to share with everyone in that short amount of time. Now I guess I should also mention that its not me alone doing all this work I also have an associate that works on this site with me collaboratively and has been since day one of this blog. His name is and he will have an about me section about him also so be sure to check that out because the guy knows his stuff.

Some of the things that I know how to do already: I have installed multiple installations of Linux. Installed FreeBSD once or twice. Setup my own home server so I could run my own pentesting hacks in the safety of my private internet. I also know how to write Python and C programs and I'm currently learning C++ and Java.

We hope that filled your wonder if you actually clicked on this meaningfully (highly doubtful), but if not then we hope you like our life stories and would like to create your own life story such as we have with this blog. We also hope that we have somehow sparked a fire in you and you would like to get into the tech industry. We appreciate that you have stuck with us this long. Now get on over to the archive or the blog were the real news goes and stop reading about anonymous peoples lives on the internet you creep.